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1) Science and uropathy

Many people believe that urine is a toxic substance or dirty excretion of the body. If this belief was true, how could late Moraiji Desai survive for 100 years who was drinking his urine since more than a quarter century? He had not only survived for 100 years but was healthier than any other person of his age. Governments of several countries recommend to their soldiers to drink their own urine in cases of liquid shortage. Would they really poison their own people? My wife and myself are drinking urine since more than ten years and have acquired better health and grown younger. After innumerable clinical and laboratory tests carried out over several years in Japan, China, U.S.A. Switzerland, and many other European countries, it has been conclusively proved that over and above urea it contains enzymes, vitamins, antibodies, amino acids, valuable salts and minerals, carbonates, bicarbonates, pigments, carbohydrates and hormones. If we consider urine therapy from the allopathic point of view,' it must be accepted that human urine has close relation to the theory of bacterial infection. The bacteria in urine have proved to be effective in many diseases. Thus this theory can be evaluated vis--vis the allopathic bacteria theory. Thus U.T. has the backing of science as allopathic therapy has.

2) Very recently two doctors, Dr. Alexander N. Glazer and Dr. Stocker, from University of California have discovered that the yellowing dye responsible for jaundice, present in urine long dismissed as valueless bodily waste appears to have a beneficial function that can lessen tissue damage in cancer, aging, inflammation and heart disease. "Instead of spending 95% of our time in developing means to get rid of bilirubin, we should spend time on possible beneficial roles of bilirubin", Dr. Stocker said. The above news had appeared in "Express" (U.S.A.) dated 1.3.87. We all are aware of the biggest drawback of allopathic that it does not consider human being as an integrated whole and the result is, need has arisen for spare parts like kidneys, hearts, limbs, etc. on a wholesale basis. Moreover antibiotic drugs do destroy disease causing bacteria and viruses, but together with it they also adversely affect the life force and the digestive flora of the patient which gives rise to further serious diseases. In turn the scientists have to find out more powerful antibiotics to suppress the aggravated disease, and the vicious circle continues. In this connection I am reminded of the remark of Dr. Allan Cantwell , AIDS researcher who says: "Medical scientists may have unwittingly produced more virulent and more contagious cancer bacteria (or viruses) by the widespread use of chemotherapy, antibiotic therapy and radioactive therapy in the modern treatment of cancer." I am fully confident and hold firm belief that urine also must contain steroids. This is the secret of its fabulous medicinal qualities. Recently it has been discovered that urine contains several kinds of hormones. Friends, we all are fully aware that steroid is one of the most cursed drugs of our time. Its bad effects are now internationally known, but let me assure you that there won't be side effect of any kind even if one consumes urine in large quantities over a length of time; because steroids present in urine is not harmful like synthetic steroids. The day is not far off when the athletes taking part in Olympic games might drink their' own urine for better performance without fear of being disqualified for the consumption of steroids. Scientists of Holland have recently isolated a bailment from human urine, which ensures a long healthy life. They have not yet named that element. This discovery might revolutionize healing. Professor John W. Plesch, M.D. did a study on urine therapy in the 40s. In his paper he states; "Since I started auto urine therapy three years ago, I have not come across a single case where the patient suffered any harm. It is for this reason that I have decided to publish my findings at this early stage". A study done by Lars A. Hanson and Eng M. Tan at the Rockefeller Institute, New York in 1965 showed antibodies for cholera, Salmonella typhus, diphtheria, tetanus toxoid, and polio present in urine. Unfortunately in pharmaceutical interests, a tincture free of cost and self-produced will not profit the health industry. For this reason a very limited amount of research has been done on this topic.

3) Urokinase

Friends, you must be aware of the fact that Japan, China and U.S.A. are extracting a very valuable substance called urokinase out of human urine collected from public urinals, and are earning valuable foreign exchange by exporting the same. This extract is useful for dissolving the blood clots in heart and lung disease. It worked as a powerful artery-dilating agent resembling nitroglycerine. Reference of urokinase is found on page 1354 of the book "Goodman & Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics", which is published by Macmillan Publishing Co. New York and is prescribed for the students studying in M.B.B.S. Therein, inter alias, it is mentioned that urokinase is extracted from human urine and that the course of therapy with urokinase is very expensive. What a pity, the free tincture gifted by God becomes prohibitively costly when it is processed in the factory, which is classified as life saving drug! Instead of opting for costly treatment why not drink self-urine, which is provided freely by our Creator? Scientists have so far succeeded in isolating only one enzyme, but urine contains several other unknown enzymes, which help in the recovery from even incurable and deadly diseases. Japanese people are known world over for their ingenuity, hardwork and originality, and that is the reason why they are the leaders in many fields like electronics, automobiles, ship building and many more. Very recently they have started extracting very precious hormonal ingredients from the urine of pregnant women during pregnancy the urine is full of Hormones estrogen and progesterone.

One marketing company of Hyderabad is exporting it in bulk to Japan and Switzerland; this marketing company chalked out a very novel plan to get the urine from the pregnant women. They are carrying on some social work in the poor localities and slum areas of Hyderabad and Secunderabad and in return they ask for the urine from the pregnant women. They have engaged the services of lady nurses for the purpose of collection of the same. In scientific investigations carried out in U.S.A., Japan, Scandinavia etc., normal human urine has been found to contain marvelous healing property promising to cure deadly diseases as mentioned in medical journals, extracts from which are given below- 1. Press Report: San Francisco, October 24, 1967 "'An extract of human urine shows great promise for treatment of certain deadly diseases caused by formation of blood clots, research physicians said at the scientific sessions of the American Heart Association. The extract is called 'urokinase". It activates substances in the blood stream that dissolve the clots. Experience has been obtained with about 200 patients with pulmonary embolism, the most common of serious lung diseases, Dr. Sherry pointed out." 2. Extract from the "Science Digest", July 1958: "Normal human urine has been found to contain a powerful artery-dilating agent resembling nitroglycerin in its ability to increase the coronary blood flow to the cardiac muscle, used for the relief of angina pectoris." 3. Report presented at the annual meeting of the "Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology" in Atlanta City, U.S.A, in April 1966, under the heading "Bringing Cancer Cells into Line" gives the account of research showing the effect of human urine on cancer cells.... The two researchers found unexpectedly last year that the urine extract, which they call "directing", when added to the culture medium, caused all the cancer cells on which it had so far been tested, to align themselves end-to-end into straight rows. More than three decades have passed since the above discovery and research was made, but hardly any further remarkable development or progress has been made in this field. I presume that reason for such slow pace and progress is that it is not a profitable venture. Urine also contains antibodies and hormones, which give immunity against different kinds of virus, bacteria and diseases. Scientists have so far isolated and specified around 200 as against the estimated figure of more than two thousand elements and compounds in human urine.

4) Biochemistry

Urine basically consists of 95% water and 5% substances like minerals, vitamins, proteins, enzymes, hormones, antibodies and amino acids. Here are some of the well-known substances and their effects. Uric acid - helps to control the process of cancer causing molecules in the body and controls aging process too. H-11 - stops the growth of cancer cells and deer cancer tumors. Directin - aligns cancer cells in straight rows end 3-methylglyoxal - isolated from urine by Nobel laureate Albert S. Gyorgi, is said to be able to destroy cancer cells, Allantoin - promotes wound healing. DHEA - is a steroid found in large amounts in urine. It prevents obesity, extends the life-span and is a possible cure for plastic anemia, diabetes and breast cancer in women. DHEA also stimulates bone marrow and increases production of all bone marrow elements including red cells, platelets, monocots, lymphocytes etc. Friends, the list is unending. I will ' have to Factor S - safely and naturally induces sleep. Write another book to cover the full report on the up-to-date scientific research done on human urine. Oncology News which is a publication of Academy Professional Information Services notes in its July-Aug. 1990 issue that "a completely new type of antitumour agent, that is non-toxic and seem to make malignant cells revert to normal, is capturing the interest of cancer clinical investigators stirring high expectations. The agents, known as antineoplastens, discovered by Dr. Burzynski of U.S.A., are naturally occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives. They were first isolated from human urine and are now undergoing trials in several parts of the world. Treatment with antineoplasten is so exorbitantly costly that even a multimillionaire can hardly afford it. Then why not drink your own free panacea?

Modern scientists are aware of the fact that urine is not a waste product but valuable serum, which is a panacea for several major illnesses including aging. Urine is flesh, blood and vital tissues in living solution. Apart from urokinase several other injections like Profasi, Personal, Antineoplastens etc. are manufactured by different multinational pharmaceutical companies in advanced countries and are minting vast profits of millions of dollars every year, while we are helplessly unaware and ignorant about this precious gift of nature given to us for our well being. What an irony of fate!

5) Few months back one revolutionary book has been published in U.S.A. in which mutual relation between shivambu and science has been thoroughly discussed. The name of the book is "Your Own Perfect Medicine" written by Martha Christie. By reading the very first sentence of this 260-page book you shall know the secret of science and uropathy. She writes, "The incredible untold story of a proven natural miracle cure (U.T.) that medical science has never revealed. It's the astounding proven natural cure that medical science has ever discovered; and yet none of the incredible research findings on this incomparable natural medicine have ever been revealed to the public." Frien4s, this American lady Martha Christie had a painful history of 30 years of suffering from various incurable diseases before getting the knowledge of this therapy. She has given her history in the very beginning of the book, which I have read several times with hair-raising sensation I experienced. This lady from the age of 12 right up to the age of 42suffered from different incurable diseases and surgery was carried out six times on her body by which the worn out, useless parts of the body were removed. She had become a burden upon her family members because in 30 years lakhs of dollars were spent on her treatment by trying various medical systems. Thereafter she got the knowledge about urine therapy from the book written by my' friend in U.S.A., Margie Adel man, by practicing which she became free from all diseases and which brought about turning point in her life. She was acknowledged as a world famous writer. I had known more than hundred, people who after practicing U.T. have become poets or authors of repute. Such a masterpiece book containing detailed information about the research done by the scientists of the world on human urine has never been written by anybody else. So now you have known that many elements having the capability of curing various curable and incurable diseases are present in shivambu. All leading scientists including medical professionals agree that degenerative diseases like cancer, arthritis, heart diseases, renal failure etc. set in due to the accumulation of toxins in, the body. Various methods are suggested for removing those toxins. However, with my years of experience and the testimony of thousands of patients, I can confidently say that there is no greater harmless detoxifying agent in the world than urine. It not only purifies the system but also regenerates and builds up old worn out and even dead tissues. Scientists have discovered that patients suffering from degenerative diseases mentioned above suffer from lack of certain basic minerals and enzymes like copper, iodine and pancreatic enzymes etc. These very elements are passed out in adequate quantities in the urine of the patient in proportions that can be easily assimilated by the patient and help in the process of tissue building and fight diseases.


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